Shrubs are plants with woody stems that keep their form all year round and therefore give structure to the garden. They can be deciduous and lose their leaves for the winter months or evergreen. In the main shrubs are very little trouble although there are exceptions which need annual pruning. They come in all shapes , sizes and colours.

At Highland Liliums we grow a small selection of shrubs but we source from other Scottish nurseries and beyond to offer you the widest possible selection in the Garden Centre.

Shrubs for Wildlife

Buddleia, Ceanothus, Cistus, Cotoneaster, Escallonia, Hebe, Potentilla, Pyracantha, Sambucus, Skimmia, Spirea, Syringa, Viburnum, Weigela.

Shrubs with Fragrant Flowers

Chimonanthus praecox, Choisya ternata, Corylopsis pauciflora, Cytisus battandieri, Daphne, Deutzia x elegantissima, Hamamelis mollis, Lilacs, Osmanthus, Philadelphus, Sarococca and Viburnum.

Top Ten Shrubs


BERBERIS (Barberry)

All Berberis are easy to grow and require little or no pruning. They are grown either for their masses of flowers in Spring or for their autumn foliage colour and berries. Our current favourite is one called Orange Rocket.

Soil: Any garden soil that is not water-logged
Situation: Sun or partial shade


BUDDLEIA (Butterfly Bush)

Late summer flowering shrubs which are very attractive to butterflies. Most varieties have cone-shaped spikes of flowers (Black Knight is pictured) but Buddleia globosa has round flowers and Buddleia alternifolia has arching stems of lilac flowers in June. Most Buddleia require hard pruning but not alernifolia.

Soil: Any well drained garden soil
Situation: Prefer a sunny position


HEBE (Veronica)

Neat, compact, evergreen bushes which are easy to grow and make good container plants. Mainly summer flowering with interesting foliage colour combinations. Hebe Red Edge is one of the toughest.

Soil: Any garden soil with good drainage
Situation: Prefers a sunny or semi-shaded position. Some tender varieties need a sheltered position


HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea)

Late summer flowering shrub which is either a mophead or a lacecap or a paniculata type with panicles of flowers. Hydrangea p. grandiflora is pictured.

Soil: Well drained rich soil
Situation: Prefers semi-shade


ILEX (Holly)

Evergreen and easy to grow. There are many attractive garden varieties with different variegations to their leaves and different berry colour. Madame Briot is pictured.

Soil: Any garden soil
Situation: Sun or shade, although the variegated forms perform best in the sun



Covered in scented flowers for June and July. One of the most popular varieties is Philadelphus Belle Etoile which is pictured. Thin out and cut back immediately after flowering.

Soil: Any garden soil
Situation: Sun or semi-shade


PIERIS (Andromeda)

Evergreen shrub which has long sprays of flowers in April and May but which is best known for it’s bright red new growth in the Spring. Pieris Forest Flame is pictured.

Soil: Acid soil is essential
Situation: Adaptable plant but semi-shade is best


POTENTILLA (Shrubby Cinquefoil)

Very hardy, dwarf to medium sized shrub which can flower from June to September. There is a wide range of flower colour to choose from and they are very easy undemanding plants. The variety Grace Darling is pictured.

Soil: Any garden soil
Situation: Shade tolerant but flowers best in the sun


VIBURNUM (Viburnum)

All Viburnum are hardy and easy to grow. There are three groups: Winter flowering; Spring flowering and Autumn berry. Most of the species have white flowers and some are very fragrant. A well known deciduous one is x bodnantense Dawn which has scented flowers in the winter. Viburnum Burkwoodii (pictured) is an evergreen with wonderful perfume.

Soil: Rich, well cultivated
Situation: Best in full sun


WEIGELA (Weigela)

Hardy, very decorative and easy to grow shrubs. They have tubular, foxglove-like flowers in May and June. Many to choose from but we have pictured W. foliis purpureis. They need an annual prune.

Soil: Any rich garden soil
Situation: Sun or semi-shade

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