The choice of roses is mind-boggling but who can resist them? Their range of colour and habit is stunning as is their glorious perfume.

We are happy to source a rose for you if it is one in our supplier's range. We stock David Austin's, Wharton's and Peter Beales Classics.

Roses can be put roughly into four categories:

Bush Roses
This section includes the Hybrid Teas and Floribundas in bush and standard form, mostly growing in the range of 60-90cm with double flowers.

Shrub Roses
shrub roses are the type that you can prune hard in spring. They will grow from 1m upwards and are less formal than the bush roses.

Ramblers are the more vigorous and have softer stems than the climbers. They will grow from 3m upwards.

Patio Roses
These are ideal for containers and the smaller garden.

Roses often make ideal gifts as there are appropriate names for most occasions including Birthday Wishes, Silver Wishes, Golden Wishes, Golden Celebration, Diamond Wishes, Mum in a Million.

Our potted roses price from £8.99 to £24.99 and bare root from £4.99 to £18.99.

Bush & Shrub Roses



Masses of pure apricot, rosette blooms that are beautiful at all stages. Delicious, warm tea fragrance. Forms a healthy, branching shrub with all-round excellent garden performance. David Austin.



'Rosa Mundi'

(Gallica) 'Rosa gallica versicolour' A striking and very old rose, the semi-double blooms being large with splashes of pink and white on a crimson background. Bushy. Said to be named after Fair Rosamund, mistress of Henry II. 12th century. Wharton.



'Roald Dahl'

Soft orange-red buds open to medium-sized, cupped rosettes of perfect apricot colouring. They are extremely robust and have a lovely fruity Tea scent. Very healthy; it matures into an attractive, rounded, bushy shrub with few thorns. Named to mark the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birth, with the approval of his wife, Liccy Dahl – the colouring reminiscent of the eponymous peach in James and the Giant Peach. £2.50 from the sale of each rose will be donated to Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity. David Austin, 2016.



'Darcy Bussell'

When young, the outer petals of each bloom form a perfect ring around an inner cup, gradually opening out to form a perfect, medium-large rosette. The colour is a deep, rich crimson-pink, taking on a tinge of mauve just before the petals drop. There is a light-medium fruity scent. It forms a compact shrub with attractive bushy growth. Named after the highly acclaimed ballerina. David Austin, 2006.



'Harlow Carr'

A very free-flowering rose with strongly fragrant mid-pink rosette blooms. David Austin.

3.5ft x 3.5ft


'The Poet's Wife'

A low bushy and nicely rounded repeat flowering shrub. Rich yellow flowers with pleasing formation and a strong, wonderfully rich fragrance with a hint of lemon. David Austin

3.5ft x 3.5ft


'Tottering By Gently'

Its beauty is found in the simplicity of its single yellow flowers and the spectacular display they create when viewed en masse. They are held in large, open sprays on a rounded, branching shrub. Named to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Annie Tempest’s classic weekly cartoon. David Austin, 2018.



'Golden Celebration'

One of the largest-flowered English Roses, bearing rich yellow blooms in the form of giant cups. They have a strong Tea fragrance, developing wonderfully combined notes of Sauternes wine and strawberry. It forms a rounded shrub, with ample foliage – the flowers held beautifully poised on long, arching branches. David Austin, 1992.



'Wisley 2008'

This repeat flowering rose is of exceptional delicacy and charm. The flowers are shallowly cupped with petals arranged in an perfect rosette formation of very pure soft pink. The fragrance is delightfully fruity with hints of raspberry and tea. David Austin

4ft x 3ft


'Princess Anne'

Large, deep pink, rosette shaped flowers. Tea fragrance. Long season. Particularly healthy. David Austin

4ft x 3ft


'Olivia Rose Austin'

An outstanding variety with an exceptionally long flowering season from early in the season to well into the autumn. Beautiful cupped rosettes of an even, mid-pink colouring have a light to medium fruity fragrance. David Austin

4ft x 3.5ft


'The Ancient Mariner'

Masses of very large glowing mid-pink blooms, with wonderful strong warm-myrrh fragrance. Repeat flowering. David Austin

4ft x 4ft

Sold Out


'Emily Bronte'

Extremely beautiful with distinctive, strongly fragrant soft-pink neat flowers with apricot hues. The strong Tea fragrance becomes more Old Rose with hints of lemon and grapefruit. David Austin

4.5ft x 4ft


'The Mill on the Floss'

Repeat flowering large clusters of small, neat, deeply cupped light lilac-pink blooms arching nicely above the glossy foliage. The fragrance is sweet and fruity. David Austin.

4.5ft x 4ft


'Benjamin Britten'

Glowing deep red-pink rosette shaped blooms with an intensely fruity fragrance with hints of wine and pear drops. David Austin.

4.5ft x3 ft


'Roseraie' De L'Hay'

(Rugosa) A splendid shrub producing large, loose, crimson-purple blooms opening almost flat and smelling strongly of almonds. Good autumn colour. Peter Beale.



'Gertrude Jekyll'

Always one of the first English Roses to start flowering, its perfect scrolled buds open to large, rosette-shaped flowers of bright glowing pink. The beautiful, perfectly balanced Old Rose scent is often described as being the quintessential Old Rose fragrance. A vigorous rose; it will form a medium-sized, upright shrub. Named for the famous garden designer and author. David Austin, 1986.



'Graham Thomas'

Bears medium-sized, cupped blooms of an unusually rich, pure yellow. There is a light Tea fragrance, with a cool violet character. It forms a bushy, upright and vigorous shrub, with attractive, smooth green foliage. David Austin, 1983.



'Lichfield Angel'

Pale peachy pink buds gradually open to form neatly cupped, cream rosettes. Each bloom has a perfect ring of waxy petals enclosing numerous smaller petals. Eventually the petals turn back to form a large, domed flower. It forms a vigorous, rounded, almost thornless shrub, its blooms nodding attractively on the branch. Named after an 8th century limestone sculptured panel, discovered in Lichfield Cathedral. David Austin, 2006.



'Eustacia Vye'

An exceedingly pretty rose of soft, glowing apricot-pink, each bloom packed with numerous delicately ruffled petals. Held on red-tinged stems, the blooms begin as shallow cups, opening to full rosettes, revealing petals of a richer hue, which gradually pale over time. They have a delicious strong fruity fragrance. A very healthy variety; it makes a strong, vigorous shrub with bushy, upright growth. Named after the flawed heroine of Thomas Hardy’s, The Return of the Native. David Austin, 2019.


Ideal for shady areas and cold and exposed areas.



Floribunda. An exceedingly pretty rose of soft, glowing apricot-pink, each bloom packed with numerous delicately ruffled petals. Held on red-tinged stems, the blooms begin as shallow cups, opening to full rosettes, revealing petals of a richer hue, which gradually pale over time. They have a delicious strong fruity fragrance. A very healthy variety; it makes a strong, vigorous shrub with bushy, upright growth. Wharton




Hybrid Tea. This rose is so well known that it really needs no description. Primrose yellow with soft pink shading. Sweetly scented. Healthy and vigorous with rich green glossy foliage. Alain Meilland.


Sold Out


Alec's Rose

Hybrid Tea. Well formed deep cherry red flowers are produced in abundance. The buds are plump, almost black until they start to open. Highly scented and carried on a strong neck with ample complementing healthy dark green foliage. An outstanding rose.



'Lady Rose'

Hybrid Tea, soft orange pink flowers with a strong fragrance. Wharton.



'Silver Jubilee'

Hybrid Tea, very fragrant, shapely rose of silvery-pink and apricot on a vigorous plant with a pleasing scent. Very free flowering and healthy. Peter Beale.



'Let there be Love'

Fragrant Floribunda. Small clusters of light pink double blooms with darker reverse. Flowers all summer long. Healthy. Peter Beale.



'MacMillian Nurse'

(Modern Classic) An excellent little shrub rose with large old-fashioned rosette style blooms of white occasionally flushed peach, borne in clusters.They are subtly scented and appear continuously throughout the summer and autumn against dark green, glossy, foliage. Perfect for growing in tubs, makes an eye-catching statement if used as a hedge to edge your home. An incredibly healthy and rightly popular rose. Peter Beale.



'Raymond Carver'

(Modern Shrub) This rose is a perfect alternative to 'Abraham Darby' which we no longer stock. A tall, free flowering shrub, bearing old fashioned style amber to orange coloured flowers with a good fragrance on the on the ends of strong stems. Well foliated with glossy dark, coppery-green, healthy foliage. Unique to us in the UK. Peter Beale.



'Ivor's Rose

(Modern Classic) Unique to us in the UK. This rose is a perfect alternative to William Shakespeare which we no longer stock. Presented to Ivor Moores, a long standing BBC East weather forecaster on the occasion of his retirement. The blooms are fully double, striking cerise red and subtly fragranced. A most reliable and healthy plant with strong growth and large, dark glossy foliage, almost evergreen. Attractive deep maroon young growth. Peter Beale.




Floribunda. This rose is a perfect alternative to Molineux which we no longer stock. A delightfully fragrant, bright yellow rose which flowers continuously through the summer on a compact plant with glossy foliage. A good, healthy rose at its best at the front of a border, in groups of 3 or in a pot. Peter Beale.

Named for the late Sir Terry Wogan and his many fans.



'Grosvenor House'

(Modern Shrub) This delightful little rose bears an abundance of heavily perfumed, classic hybrid tea style flowers which are produced continuously throughout the summer. The centers of the blooms are rich golden honey in colour, paling to creamy-yellow at the edges of the petals. Foliage is healthy, mid green and in abundance. This rose is ideal for potting and also good for cutting. Peter Beale's Classic.



'Ely Cathedral'

A very healthy repeat flowering modern shrub rose that produces attractive multi-headed displays of fully double, ruffled, pillar-box red blooms. Perfect for a mixed border. Peter Beale.



'Countess of Wessex'

(Modern Shrub) We are delighted to have named this rose at the request of Bishop Peter Nott who had the honour of marrying The Earl and Countess of Wessex. A beautiful cream coloured shrub rose of excellent health and vigour. The flowers are large and very highly fragrant; produced all summer against dark, shiny foliage. Can be grown as a small climber. Peter Beale's Classic.



'Nurse Tracy'

A floribunda with sparkling bright golden yellow blooms in clusters. The blooms keep their bright colour until the petals drop. A neat compact bush which produces masses of blooms continuously throughout the summer. Not very big so will be quite at home in a container or the garden. Attractive dark green foliage which is highly disease resistant. An easy to look after variety which will produce the best results in full sun.Wharton.



'Royal William'

Hybrid Tea bears classically shaped, long, pointed buds of velvety red. They have a lovely rich fragrance and are usually held singly on long, straight stems. The growth is strong and vigorous. Kordes, 1987. Peter Beale.




This Beautiful Hybrid Tea has long-lasting coral-pink blooms with healthy mid-green glossy foliage on a short bushy plant. Suitable for growing in pots. Wharton.



'Moment in Time'

Good red floribunda rose. Masses of rich ruby red blooms all through the summer until the first frosts. Healthy and prolific freedom of flower. The healthy dark green glossy foliage is almost hidden under the numerous blooms. This fragrant rose makes a very colourful impact in the garden and looks great in a container. Wharton.



'Timeless Purple'

Strongly perfumed fully double purple to pink blooms, ideal for cutting. Peter Beale



'You're Beautiful'

This award winning rose produces a profusion of striking bright pink blooms. Diesease resistant with glossy foliage. Peter Beale.



'Lady of Shalott'

Rich orange-red buds open to chalice-shaped blooms, filled with loosely arranged, orange petals. The surrounding outer petals are salmon-pink with beautifully contrasting golden-yellow undersides. There is a pleasant, warm Tea fragrance, with hints of spiced apple and cloves. It quickly forms a bushy shrub with slightly arching stems and mid-green leaves, which have attractive, slightly bronzed tones when young. The name is taken from one of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poems to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth. David Austin, 2009.

4.5ft x 4ft

Ground Cover Roses





Ground Cover Roses - Flower Carpet Roses

Ground Cover Roses are ideal for bringing colour and interest to a relatively large area with the minimum amount of labour. As a group they are all very hardy and easily grown, forming a large thicket, with a rambler-like charm. Most varieties are repeat-flowering, but even those that are not bloom over an extended period.

Flower carpets - Ruby, Sunset, White, Gold and Pink

Climbing Roses


'Mme Alfred Carriere'

It bears large, cupped, rather informal, creamy white blooms tinged with pink, which have a strong, sweet fruity fragrance. First flowering in June/July, it repeats until late in the season. This climbers growth is strong, bushy and upright with plentiful foliage. Although rather stiff, training the stems will create a graceful effect. Schwartz, 1879. David Austin

up to 25ft


'Mortimer Sackler'

An extremely healthy climbing rose. Loosely double, soft pink blooms with visible stamens, held in large, open sprays. Lovely old rose fragrance with delicious hints of fruit.Almost thornless. David Austin

2.5 - 3m

Sold Out


'Teasing Georgia'

A yellow climbing rose of delicate beauty, with flowers of a particularly pleasing cupped formation. Tea fragrance. David Austin



'Tess of the D'Urbervilles'

A compact climber with striking large bright crimson-red blooms with a pleasing Old Rose fragrance. David Austin

Up to 8ft

Sold Out.


'The Pilgrim'

A pretty yet feisty rose of Scottish descent, bearing open, medium-large, almost flat rosettes of pure yellow. The petals appear gracefully translucent towards the outer edges of each bloom creating an illuminated effect. There is a delicious medium-strong fruity fragrance with notes of sweet apricot, green apple and honey. A rounded small to medium-sized shrub whose little spiny thorns mingle with small, greyish-green leaves. A very healthy and robust rose, producing continuous, plentiful blooms from June through to the first frosts. David Austin

Up to 12ft


'Crown of Princess Margaret'

A vigorous climber, bearing quite large, many petalled, neat rosette flowers in a lovely shade of apricot-orange. They have a medium-strong Tea fragrance. There is plentiful, glossy foliage. DavidᅠAustin, 1999.



'The Generous Gardener'

A beautiful climbing rose which Bears beautifully formed flowers, which nod gracefully on the stem. When the petals open they expose numerous stamens, providing an almost water lily-like effect. The flowers are a pale glowing pink and have a delicious fragrance with aspects of Old Rose, musk and myrrh. Named for the National Gardens Scheme. DavidᅠAustin, 2002.

Up to 15ft


'Bright Ideas'

Unique to us in the UK. (Modern Climber) Fully double blooms of cerise pink and cream in clusters. A strong growing climbing rose of merit. Peter Beale's Classic.



'Clarence House'

Unique to us in the UK. (Modern Climber) A repeat flowering climbing creamy white double rose with highlights of soft primrose yellow with a strong scent reminiscent of citrus. Vigorous, healthy glossy foliage. This lovely climbing rose flowers throughout the summer. Given to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in celebration of her Centenary birthday. Peter Beale's Classic.



'Zephirine Drouhin'

(Bourbon Climber) Thornless, cerise-pink, semi-double. A very famous fragrant shrub or climber. Does best with lots of liquid feeds. Wharton.



'White Cockade'

Upright climber, well foliated stems carrying clusters of beautiful, fully double, pure white flowers. An excellent pillar rose.




Dark green, glossy foliage, vigorous growth. Shapely, high centred flowers of apricot and copper with yellow highlights and pink shading. Scented. Ferguson.



'Lilac Bouquet'

Attractive scented semi-double cupped lilac blooms are borne from clusters deep lilac buds. Very healthy climber and thornless, Suitable for poor soils and real magnet to wildlife. Wharton.



'Laura Ford'

(Climbing Miniature) Delightful, amber-yellow tinged pink flowers, in small clusters, amid a profusion of small, mid-green leaves. Vigorous. A miniature rose in all respects except stature. Wharton.




'City of York'

Unique to us in the UK. (Rambler) This exquisite rambler, forms clusters of semi-double, creamy-white flowers with lemon centres, which are produced very freely, giving a superb overall effect throughout the summer. Establishing to a height of around 15 feet, this rose is perfect for growing over an arch, on a north wall or against a shady fence. The rich golden stamens are a magnet to wildlife and the heady lemon fragrance is an added delight. Wharton.


'Ghislaine De Feligonde'

(Musk Rambler) One of the few ramblers that repeat flowers, The pretty small orange-yellow, flowers are profusely produced in clusters on a healthy robust plant, blooms will pale to creamy buff with age. With good, glossy foliage and almost thornless this variety deserves far more attention. Falling into the shorter growing category, this rambler can comfortably be grown as a large bush if space permits. Peter Beale's Classic.



'Chevy Chase'

(Rambler) A spectacular rose which, in full flush, has large clusters of small, very double blooms of rich deep crimson, produced in great profusion in early summer. Abundant light green foliage on a dense growing, vigorous plant. A long flowering season. Introduced from America. Peter Beale.



'Rambling Rosie'

An unusual, short, repeat-flowering rambler with crimson-red flowers. The individual flowers are small, about 1” across, almost single and are held in large groups, creating a magnificent effect. Horner, 2005. David Austin.

Up to 3m tall


'Kew Rambler'

Strongly fragrant, bearing plentiful trusses of pretty, single flowers. They are a lovely shade of mid pink, with golden stamens displayed against a central white eye. In autumn it produces orange-red hips. The growth is bushy, thorny and rather stiff. Kew, 1872. David Austin.

Up to 20ft


'Francis E Lester'

A beautiful rambler smothered with huge bunches of small, single blooms. These are blush white, delicately tinted with pale pink at the edges, later becoming almost pure white, creating the impression of apple blossom.They have a strong, pleasing musky fragrance, which carries over a wide area. It produces masses of small, oval, orange-red hips in the autumn. The growth is strong and bushy with elegant, pointed, glossy dark green foliage. Lester RoseᅠGardens, 1946. David Austin.

Up to 20ft



Produces large, closely packed clusters of small, cupped flowers. They open purple-magenta with a white centre, occasionally streaked white too, each with an attractive boss of bright yellow stamens. As the blooms age, they fade to lilac-grey – appearing almost blue on occasions. There is a fresh, fruity scent with rich orange notes. The growth is rather stiff and almost thornless. Schmidt, 1869. David Austin


'The Albrighton Rambler'

A repeat-flowering variety which, unusually for a rambler, has fully double flowers. that are small and cup-shaped. They are blush pink, fading to blush white and are held in large, gracefully hanging sprays. The petals of each bloom are beautifully arranged around a little button eye; the overall appearance being one of exceptional prettiness and charm. Named for the village where our nursery is located. David Austin, 2013

up to 12ft

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