Rhododendrons and Azaleas are well suited to our climate and they have the most remarkable range of flower colours.

They need peaty/acid soil but as they are shallow rooting most soils can be improved sufficiently for them to succeed. Gardeners with heavy or clay soils may be best to pot Rhododenrons in containers.

Their main hazard is late frosts which will instantly kill open blooms. A risk worth taking for the magnificent displays their exotic blooms deliver in late spring and early summer.

They are long lived and vary in size from small shrubs to large trees.

We categorise our Rhododendrons in three groups.

  • Dwarf: The small leaved and short growing rhododendrons.
  • Compact: The large leaved varieties which grow and spread to approximately one to one and a half metres. This group includes the Yak hybrids.
  • Hybrids: The large leaved varieties which and can grow to be a large shrub or even tree sized.

The Azaleas are either Japanese and evergreen or Deciduous, like the common scented yellow variety.

Our Top Ten is picked from a choice of hundreds so please come along and see the whole selection on offer.

We can also try to source any variety you need from our excellent Rhododendron suppliers.

Top Ten Rhododendrons and Azaleas


Rhododendron Bengal

The Perfect rockery rhododendron with large glossy evergreen leaves and large hot red flowers from April to May.

A neat, compact, dwarf Rhododendron growing to a height of 1m

Dwarf rhododendrons are the earliest group of rhododendrons to flower


Rhododendron Lemon Dream

Lemon Dream is a compact, evergreen rhododendron which has long lasting lemon sherbet coloured trusses in May. It needs to be planted in sun or semi shade and would be perfect for patio pots too.

Soil: Acid, open, reasonably well drained soil.


Rhododendron Horizon Monarch

Horizon Monarch has red buds which open to warm yellow flowers in May. It is a reliable evergreen to brighten any border. It grows to approximately 1.8m high and wide in sun or semi-shade.

Soil: Acid, open, reasonably well drained soil


Rhododendron Albert Schweitzer

A strong reliable variety with deep pink buds which open to huge soft-pink flowers in May. It will grow to 2 metres high and wide in sun or shade.

Soil: Acid, open, reasonably well drained soil


Azalea Johanna

A wonderful plant for borders, tubs and rockeries. Johanna is an evergreen Japanese Azalea which grows to 1 metre. It's year long interest starts in Spring with vivid red flowers, then it is flushed with green new growth in summer and in autumn and winter the foliage turns bronze coloured.

Soil: Acid, open, reasonably well drained soil
Situation: Sun or semi-shade


Azalea Klondyke

Klondyke is a deciduous Azalea with highly scented golden flowers in May and shiny bronze leaves all summer. It grows to be 1.5 metres high and wide.

Soil: Acid, open, reasonably well drained soil
Situation: Sun or semi-shade


Azalea Orange King

An evergreen Japanese azalea that looks impressive when covered in long lasting orange flowers in May. It grows approximately 1 metre high and wide and looks good in the border or in a patio pot.

Soil: Acid, open, reasonably well drained soil
Situation: Sun or partial shade


Rhododendron Hoppy

A reliable evergreen plant that has lilac buds which open to light -lilac flowers in May. It grows to approximately one metre high and wide and is perfect for small gardens and patio planters.

Soil: Acid, open, reasonably well drained soil
Situation: Full sun to semi-shade.

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