There are hundreds of heather species and cultivars, and in the garden centre we will always have a selection of Calluna and Erica varieties.

The Calluna are cultivars of our native ling heather and have been bred for their range of foliage colour, and late summer and autumn flowers of many different colours.

We stock Erica cinerea varieties which are commonly known as bell heathers. These are usually summer-flowering heathers.

We also stock Erica carnea and darleyensis cultivars which are the winter flowering heathers.

Planting a mixture of these types will give an all year round display of colour.

Heathers belong to the ericaceous family and like acid or peaty soil, but Erica carnea and Erica darleyensis will grow in neutral or alkaline soil.

The hardy varieties of heathers which we stock in the garden centre are generally very easy to grow. In the highlands it is best to trim all heathers in the spring.

They are a very effective ground cover plant and look wonderful in heather beds, but are also excellent container plants.

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We all really appreciate the support you have given us over the last year it really does make a difference when you shop locally. Look forward to seeing you all in 2022 and hope you all have a great christmas and a very happy new year.

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