Grasses & Bamboos

Ornamental grasses are now much used by garden designers to give movement and texture to a garden. They come in all heights and colours and include both evergreen and deciduous varieties. The growth of deciduous types will dry to beige or brown in the winter but still stand to give winter interest in the garden and the dead growth can be cut away in spring once the new grass shoots start coming through again.

Ornamental grasses are really useful in mixed borders, containers and in prairie-style planting. At Highland Liliums we grow only a small selection of the hardiest grasses. Our wet climate is not ideal for some of the pretty Panicum and Pennisetum varieties.

Grasses which look good in containers
Carex testacea, Festuca, Hakonechloa, Ophiopogon, Stipa arundinacea, Stipa tennuissima, Uncinia rubra.

Top Ten Grasses & Bamboos


CAREX (Sedge)

There are many Sedges to choose from. The ones we stock tend to be short to medium in height. There are varieties with white or yellow variegation, stiff leaved orange ones(Carex Prairie Fire pictured) and floppy brown leaved ones. They are generally evergreen and hardy.

Soil: It is possible to find a sedge for any soil type
Situation: Front or mid border plant in sun or shade


DESCHAMPSIA caespitosa (Tufted Hair Grass)

Easy to grow grass. Golden yellow flowers spikes appear in its second year. It is non-invasive.

Soil: Any moist garden soil
Situation: Sun to semi-shade


FESTUCA (Fescue)

The small clumping species form decorative evergreen spiky mounds. Elijah Blue is one of the best blue forms, with silver flowers. Amethystina has violet flowers in early summer.

Soil: Well drained soil
Situation: Open sunny site


HAKONECHLOA (Hakone Grass)

This clump forming Japanese grass has arching leaves and looks good at the front of a border or in containers. They have autumn tints before dying back for the winter.

Soil: Fertile, moist but well drained soil
Situation: Prefers semi-shade


MILIUM effusum Aureum (Millet Grass)

Gold-green leaves provide a splash of colour in deep shade.

Soil: Any well drained garden soil
Situation: Shaded site


MISCANTHUS sinensis (Chinese Silver Grass)

Ornamental, tall grasses which are deciduous. The flowerheads can be left in place during winter and cut back in the spring. The Miscanthus pictured is Morning Light.

Soil: Any well drained garden soil
Situation: Sunny open spot


OPHIOPOGON planiscapus Nigrescens (Black Dragon Grass)

Almost black foliage and pink flowers followed by black fruits.

Soil: Well drained, slightly acidic humus soil
Situation: Full sun or semi-shade, protected from severe cold in the winter


STIPA gigantea (Golden Oats)

This is a magnificent evergreen grass which on tall slender stems bears clouds of tiny glistening, purple-green flowers.

Soil: Fertile and well drained soil
Situation: Best in full sun


STIPA tenuissima (Pony Tails)

This grass forms clumps of soft-green hair like foliage which sways gently in the wind.

Soil: Any well drained garden soil
Situation: Sunny position


UNCINIA RUBRA (Red Hook Sedge)

A dwarf evergreen grass with wonderful deep bronzy-red foliage. It is good for the front of a border or in containers.

Soil: Well drained, moist soil
Situation: Sun or semi shade

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