Climbers can be placed into three groups:

  • Group one (the Ivy Group) are self-clinging and can climb without support. Examples of this group are Hydrangea petiolaris and of course Ivys.
  • Group two (the Vine Group) have twining stems /curling tendrils and need support other than that of a flat surface up which to grow. Examples of this group are Actinidia, Clematis, Parthenocissus and Wisteria.
  • Group three have hooked thorns as in climbing roses or long scandent stems as in Berberis and scramble over their support.

All climbers require careful attention on a support until established, however they add a crucial vertical dimension to the garden and are also invaluable for creating beautiful screens.

Our top ten are listed, excluding climbing roses which we love but which are left for the Roses department.

Top Ten Climbers



An early flowering climber with blue or violet blue flowers. The spring flowers are followed by silky seed heads. Needs support against a low wall, or trellis. Rosy Pagoda is pictured.

Soil: Well drained fertile soil.
Situation: Roots need to be in the shade and its head in the sun.


CLEMATIS montana

A lovely climber for any aspect, and particularly northern. It is a vigorous grower which can be rampant. The form we have pictured is "Warwickshire Rose".

Soil: Well drained fertile soil.
Situation: Shaded roots but sun or semi-shade for the stems.


CLEMATIS viticella

A late flowering, vigorous variety. Members of this group can flower for up to three months. The variety pictured is "Polish Spirit" which has rich purple-blue flowers from mid-summer. This group needs spring pruning.

Soil: Fertile well drained soil.
Situation: Sun or semi shade.



One of the many species of honeysuckle, this is a medium sized form with rich reddish-purple, very fragrant flowers from mid- summer to mid-autumn.It is a vigorous climber which should be pruned back after flowering.

Soil: Moist well drained soil.
Situation: Best in partial shade but tolerates full sun.



Virginia Creeper. A tall growing, more or less self-clinging vine. The leaves turn brilliant orange and scarlet in autumn. The fruits are blue-black.

Soil: Well drained, light soil.
Situation: Full sun to shade but best in semi-shade.


WISTERIA sinensis

"Chinese Wisteria" One of the noblest of all climbers. It has fragrant, white, mauve or blue flowers carried in racemes 20 to 30cm long in late Spring. It needs the shelter of a warm wall and will only flower once mature.

Soil: Fertile well drained soil.


HYDRANGEA petiolaris

A strong growing deciduous species that can reach 18- 25m high. It climbs by means of small aerial roots. It bears white flowers in early summer and is excellent on a north-facing or shady wall.

Soil: Moist fertile soil.
Situation: Prefers a shady spot.


ACTINIDIA kolomikta

A striking slender climber reaching up to 6m. Its heart shaped leaves have tips which are creamy white and pink. It will perform best against a south or west facing wall.

Soil: Any fertile, well drained soil.
Situation: Sun or semi shade.



"Flowering Quince" is an easy deciduous shrub which has rich vermillion flowers in early Spring. It has vigorous growth and yellow fruits which follow the flowers. It is of medium height reaching about one metre high.

Soil: Any well drained soil.
Situation: Sun or partial shade.


HEDERA Sulphur Heart

A handsome strong growing ivy with impressive splashes of yellow and pale green on its deep green leaves. Ivy can climb without aid and this plant will thrive in almost any soil or situation. If it gets too big it may be pruned severely. Ivy is one of the best evergreen climbers.

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