Aquatics & Marginals - We don't have any aquatic plants for sale. Sorry.

Ponds and the running water that feeds them bring sound and lots of wild-life to a garden.

Although we don't stock many of the hard landscaping materials which are needed to build a pond we are passionate about the plants that do well in and around water and have a stock of aquatic plants.

We have oxygenators, floating plants, water lilies and marginal/bog plants.

Our Top Ten Aquatic Plants will hopefully get you started.

Top Ten Aquatics & Marginals


Lagarosiphon major (curly water thyme)

This is an oxygenator which is the group of plants vital to a pond's health. It is semi-evergreen. It bears tiny white flowers from June to September and can be cut back regularly.

Soil: Grown in submerged baskets of loamy soil


Hydrocharis morsus-ranae

This is a British native,floating aquatic. Floating plants are necessary to shade the water below the surface to discourage the growth of algae. It has glossy rounded leaves and small three-petalled white flowers producing buds which sink to the bottom during the autumn to rise the following Spring to produce new plants. The water must be deep enough to prevent the bottom freezing to protect the overwintering buds.


Nymphaea (water lilies)

Gorgeous flowers that require a bit of effort to establish. There is a huge range from dwarf ones that could exist in a half wooden barrel to large ones for a deep pond. Choose a lily according to the depth of water you are to plant in. They prefer still water. We only stock the hardiest varieties available.

Soil: Best grown in aquatic baskets in loamy soil or aquatic compost.
Situation: Sunny


Aponogeton distachyos (waterhawthorn)

It needs to be planted in 30-90 cm of water. It is a deciduous perennial with lance shaped floating leaves and small fragrant white flowers held just above the surface in the Spring. In deeper water they will be protected at the bottom of the pond in winter but in very severe winters they may be better lifted.


Myosotis scorpiodes (water forget-me-not)

This is a clump forming perennial which has blue, white or yellow flowers in early summer. It can grow in wet soil or at pool margins in water no deeper than 10cm. It is classified as a marginal plant.

Soil: Wet
Situation: full sun or partial shade


Iris versicolor (blue flag iris)

This is a clump forming deciduous perennial which has blue flowers in early summer. It is suitable for the edges of a pond or a bog garden.

Soil: Moist to wet humus - rich soil
Full sun


Lychnis flos-cuculi White Robin (White Ragged Robin)

This plant has masses of star shaped white flowers in late Spring.

Soil: Moist soil
Situation: Sun or partial shade


Caltha palustris alba (marsh marigold)

This is a very hardy ,early flowering native perennial .It bears white buttercup-like flowers from March to July. It can give a second flush of colour in August if the plants are trimmed back after flowering

Soil: Up to 20cm under water or very wet soil.


Geum rivale Leonard's Variety (water avens)

This is a compact clump forming perennial growing to 45cm tall.It has reddish brown stems which bear several nodding bell-shaped semi-double copperey-pink flowers in late Spring into Summer.
Soil: Moist, well drained soil.


Ligularia desdemona

A robust perennial which grows to approximately1m high. It has very large bronze tinted leaves and orange daisy-like flowers in late sunner and early autumn.

Soil: Deep, fertile, reliably moist soil.

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