In the Alpine category we group all the small hardy plants which are suitable for growing in a rock garden or in a small area such as a trough or crevices in paths and walls. Some varieties such as phloxes and dianthus can happily exist at the edge of flower borders.

They can be bulbs, perennials or shrubs and although we grow a wide range at Highland Liliums we also source from other nurseries so there is a fantastic choice in the Garden Centre.

Alpines flower throughout the year but their flowers are particularly abundant in spring and they are therefore very important in the spring garden.

Most can cope with extreme cold as long as they are not in wet ground but there are always exceptions!

We have listed our top ten but it would be a shame not to come and browse the Alpine lines to see just what these little plants have to offer.

Top Ten Alpines


ARMERIA jun. Bevan's Variety

This is a fine Alpine species of thrift.The needle-like leaves form a very dense cushion and the soft pink balls of flowers are held just over the foliage in spring. It is evergreen.

Soil: Requires excellent drainage.


AUBRIETA Lime Variegated

This variety of aubrieta has the stunning combination of lime-yellow and green foliage with purple-blue flowers. It flowers in April/May and is suitable for rockeries, gravel gardens, walls and crevices. Cut back after flowering.

Soil: Thin,well drained soil preferably alkaline.
Situation: Full sun.


CAMPANULA portenshlagiana Mrs Resholt

This is a hardy and easy little rockery plant. It has lots of violet blue flowers in late spring/early summer which are held on wiry stems over small deep green glossy leaves.

Soil: Well drained soil.
Situation: Sun or semi shade.


DIANTHUS Shooting Star

The low growing, cushion forming dianthus are great border-edge and rock garden plants. The one we have chosen has shocking pink flowers in May-July. It's foliage is a blue/grey colour and the flowers do seem to shoot forth!
Soil: Free draining ordinary or lime soil.
Situation: Full sun or semi shade.


LITHODORA Heavenly Blue

This is a spreading rock garden and border edge plant which you will have seen in late Spring covered in masses of small blue flowers. It can be trimmed after flowering to keep it compact.

Soil: Well drained soil.
Situation: Open sunny position.


PRATIA pedunculata Alba

This ground hugging perennial is beautiful when covered with its long lasting little star shaped white flowers in late spring and summer.

Soil: Gritty, well drained soil.
Situation: Sun or semi shade.


PULSATILLA vulgaris Rubra

are tough Spring flowering plants which have attractive feathery foliage and large, nodding cup shaped flowers of red with yellow stamens. It doesn't finish there though as the silky seed heads are lovely and last for ages.

Soil: Well drained and not too acid soil.
Situation: Open sunny position.


SEDUM Coral Carpet

Most sedums need sharp drainage and an open spot to grow. They will spread to give a lovely carpet which in the case of our choice ,coral carpet, is a lovely orange to red colour in the autumn

Soil: Well drained soil.
Situation: Prefers a sunny position.


SEMPERVIVUM arachnoideum Rubin

This cobweb houseleek is a deep red colour and adds form and colour to the rockery. They need good drainage and ideally would be kept dry in the winter.

Soil: well drained soil.
Situation: Sunny position.


THYMUS Doone Valley

An evergreen creeping thyme which has green and gold leaves with a lemony fragrance. In the summer it is covered with little purple flowers-great for bees

Soil: Well drained soil.
Situation: Full sun.

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