Seed Potatoes we have in stock in 2kg bags:

Red Duke of York Pentland Javelin Charlotte
1st Early 1st Early 2nd Early




Wilja Rooster Pink Fir Apple
2nd Early Maincrop Maincrop





1st Early:- Athlete, Duke of York, International Kidney, Sharpes Express and Organic Collen.

2nd Early: Maris Peer and Organic Bambino

Maincrop: Desiree, Golden Wonder, Kerrs Pink, Maris Piper, Pentland Dell, Organic Sapro Mira

Chit your seed potatoes in egg boxes or shallow trays in a cool light area of about 10 degree celcius to produce a strong, thick sprout, making sure that the potatoes are rose eye upwards, if you want larger potatoes carefully cut out some of the eyes, this will produce larger potatoes but fewer tubers. Chitting should be done six weeks before planting.

Many of our seed potatoes can be grown in Potato Planters or Containers so you don't need to have lots of ground space.

The container should be at least 40 litres holding 3-5 seed potatoes, make sure your container has adequate drainage holes. Add a 15cm/6 inches layer of Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potato Compost and a sprinkling of Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser. Place your seed potatoes with the eyes upwards about 5cm/2 inches into the compost and cover with compost, as the potatoes shoots grow cover them with more compost this will stop them from going green also keep the compost moist.

When to harvest depends on the potato variety and once you see the haulms starting to turn yellow and die back. Not all potatoes flower but if they do its best to cut off the flowers so that all the energy is used in growing the potato and not the flower. Earlies should be harvested and used when fresh, Maincrops can be stored for later use. Enjoy!

Bareroot roses:

David Austin bare root roses available - Darcey Bussell and Gertrude Jekyll - English roses; Claire Austin and Falstaff - climbers; Paul's Himalayan Musk - rambler.

darcey_bussell_rose_109_x_110_pixels.JPG Gertrude_Jekyll_rose_110_x_107.jpeg claire_austin_rose_109_x_110.JPG Falstaff_rose_109_x_112.JPG pauls_himalayan_musk_rose_109_x_110.JPG

Ornamental and Fruit Trees:

Now is the time to start thinking about planting trees - between October and April is the best time. There is a great range to choose from.

tree_line.JPG apple_cherry_trees.JPG plum_trees.JPG

Christmas Rose:

Also known as Hellebore or Lenten Rose. An elegant plant providing winter colour.


Winter Fuels:

Keep warm with our logs, Verdo briquettes and burning peat. Delivery available - free within 5 miles, charges apply thereafter.

firewood.JPG briquettes.JPG burning_peat.JPG

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