The choice of Roses is mind boggling but who can resist them. Their range of colour and habit is stunning and then there is their glorious perfume.

Roses can be put "roughly" into four categories.

Bush Roses
This section includes the Hybrid Teas and Floribundas in bush and standard form, mostly growing in the range of 60-90cm with double flowers. Varieties include Grandpa Dickson, Ruby Wedding and Peace.

Shrub Roses
This section includes many of the David Austin Roses and the hybrids and forms of Rosa rugosa. They will grow in the range of one metre upwards and are less formal than the bush roses. Varieties include Ballerina, Rhapsody in Blue and Graham Thomas.

Ramblers are the more vigorous and have softer stems than the climbers. They will grow from three metres upwards. Varieties include Francois Juranville, Pink Perpetue and Paul's Scarlet.

Patio and Miniature Roses
in which we are also putting the Flower Carpet varieties. These are ideal for containers and the smaller garden but are mainly unscented. Varieties include Honeybunch, Pretty Polly and Sweet Memories.

Roses often make ideal gifts as there are appropriate names for most occasions and we usually have a selection of these in stock but we are happy to source a rose for you if it is one in our supplier's range. We stock David Austin roses and buy from two other growers one being the Scottish rose grower R.C. Ferguson.

A Selection Of Our Favourite Roses


David Austin 'Veilchenblau' - Rambler rose


Clusters of small blooms which open dark magenta, fading to lilac. Thornless. Rich orange fragrance. A classic.



David Austin 'Carolyn Knight - English rose


This is an excellent, reliable garden plant with large, cupped, soft gold flowers. Strong and particularly delicious fragrance. Vigorous, upright and almost thorn less growth. 1.25 x 1m

Soil: All soil types


David Austin 'Ena Harkness CLG.' - Climbing rose


Huge, richly fragrant, deep crimson blooms. Summer flowering with some repeating. Very effective on a high wall.



David Austin 'Gentle Hermione' - English rose


This is an excellent, reliable garden plant with particularly beautiful cups with a strong Old Rose fragrance. Forms an attractive, well-rounded and very healthy shrub.

1.25 x 1m


David Austin ' Golden Celebration' - English rose


One of the most magnificent English Roses. Giant blooms with a strong, fruity Tea scent. Excellent shapely growth.

1.25m x 1.25m


David Austin 'Grace' - English rose


Masses of pure apricot, rosette blooms that are beautiful at all stages. Delicious, warm tea fragrance. Forms a healthy, branching shrub with all-round excellent garden performance.

1m x 1.25m


David Austin 'James L. Austin' - English shrub rose

£21.99 - 10% from the sale of each rose will be donated to two Parkinson’s charities, 5% to Parkinson’s UK and 5% to Cure Parkinson’s Trust

Bears large, many petalled, deep pink rosettes, each with a button eye. There is a light-medium strength fruity fragrance. It forms a neat and tidy shrub with a bushy, upright habit. Named for the son of David Austin Senior and brother of David Austin Junior. David Austin, 2017.

1.2m x 1m


David Austin 'Lady of Shalott' - English rose


Copper-yellow, chalice-shaped blooms. Tea scent with hints of spiced apple. Healthy and reliable. Superb repeat flowering.

1.25 x 1m


David Austin 'Little White Pet' - Shrub rose


Clusters of small white pompoms, densely filled with petals. Compact and rounded bush. A superb garden plant.

0.5-0.75 x 0.75m


David Austin 'Mortimer Sackler' - Climbing English rose


An extremely healthy climbing rose. Loosely double, soft pink blooms with visible stamens, held in large, open sprays. Lovely old rose fragrance with delicious hints of fruit.Almost thorn less.

2.5 - 3m


David Austin 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' - English rose


Very large, deeply cupped, glowing pink blooms. Delicious tea fragrance, later developing hints of lemon and blackcurrants. Forms a short, well-rounded shrub. Very healthy.

1m x 1m


David Austin 'Princess Anne' -English rose


Large, deep pink, rosette shaped flowers. Tea fragrance. Long season. Particularly healthy.

1.25 x 1m


David Austin 'Queen of Sweden' - English rose


Medium sized, soft pink cups of old rose character. Classic myrrh fragrance. The growth is upright but bushy with very few thorns. It is an exceptionally healthy variety and very hardy.

1.25 x 0.75m


David Austin 'Roald Dahl' - English roses NEW COLLECTION

£21.99 - £2.50 from the sale of each rose donated to Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity.

Bears perfect apricot blooms, almost continuously throughout the summer

Soft orange-red buds open to medium-sized, cupped rosettes of perfect apricot colouring. They are produced almost continuously, are extremely robust and have a lovely fruity Tea scent. Very healthy; it matures into an attractive, rounded, bushy shrub with few thorns. Named to mark the centenary of Roald Dahl's birth, with the approval of his wife, Liccy Dahl - the colouring reminiscent of the eponymous peach in James and the Giant Peach. 1m x 1m


David Austin 'Sceptre'd Isle' - English shrub rose


Pretty, cupped blooms with a powerful fragrance

This pretty rose bears numerous cupped flowers, each with yellow stamens. They are a lovely light pink, becoming paler on the outer petals, and have a powerful myrrh fragrance. It forms an elegant, upright shrub, its blooms held gracefully above the foliage.

1.5m x 1.2m


David Austin 'Sir John Betjeman' - English rose


Perfect, bright pink rosettes with a fresh fragrance. Very healthy and free-flowering. Excellent, bushy growth.

1-1.25 x 0.75m


David Austin 'Susan Williams-Ellis' - English rose


Charming, pure white, rosette-shaped flowers of old rose beauty. Exceptionally long flowering season. Strong old rose fragrance. Upright, bushy, twiggy growth. Extremely tough, healthy and hardy.

1.25 x 1m


David Austin 'Teasing Georgia' - Climbing English rose


A yellow rose of delicate beauty, with flowers of a particularly pleasing cupped formation. Tea fragrance.


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