Garden Gifts


Gift Vouchers

The fail-safe gift for any gardener is an HTA gift voucher we also have our own vouchers which can only be used at Highland Liliums Garden Centre. These can be purchased at the Garden Centre or on the phone. We supply a card free of charge and likewise will not charge to post it to you or its recipient.

Garden Ornaments

A welcome adornment for the garden we stock a variety of garden ornaments from the humorous to the useful we have something for everyone.


Good quality hardware is a gift for life. We stock Burgon and Ball, Draper and Yeoman.

Little Essentials

A selection of gardening essentials although individually not exciting can make a very welcome gift as having a ready supply of gloves, string, labels, plant food etc is heaven for a busy gardener!

Pots and Planters

From BIG to little, Hanging to whisky barrels we have a colourful collection. We are happy to fill them should you wish and we try to stock prodcuts that cover the widest possible price range to suit all needs.


Lots of plants make wonderful gifts, especially trees, which are a lifelong link to the giver. Plant with occasion inspired names such as Ruby Wedding etc are popular. Wonderfully nostalgic and scented David Austin Roses make good gifts and bulbs with their stored beauty - something to look forward to - are also excellent gifts.

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm

Sunday 10am to 5pm

For those who can't visit we are happy to send plants by mail.

For further information

01463 741698 or 01463 741365


From Inverness you head west on the A862 then take the A833 to Kiltarlity.

Once through the Village just follow the signs for 'Garden Centre'.